Wood Pile // Winter at Mike Dumas Copper Designs


Wood Pile // Winter at Mike Dumas Copper Designs

Wood for the Winter


Gathering for comfort:
Wood on the fire, glass in the kiln, and bread in the oven. That’s a sure sign  of winter in our desert. The nice thing is we have such mild weather we really don’t have to hole up indoors. Storms are few and far between and the sun pours out its kindness on us from now until May, (then it’s just not so kind . . .) Flannel shirts and hoodies are all it takes to be comfy, and midday they can almost be too much. But we’ll take it. We gather enough wood, supplies and ideas to see us through to Spring. Then we head out into nature to be inspired.


Harvest gleaned from nature // pomegranates planted by wild birds // gardening in the desert at Mike Dumas Copper Designs.

Gathering the Harvest-Pomegranates

Gathering for security:

The wild birds planted three pomegranate trees in our yard, just not where they would thrive, so we moved them to the garden. Now we harvest beautiful big crimson fruit in the fall. I freeze the seeds for later and enjoy their sweet juiciness for weeks.

This red will show up in a glass bowl or copper wall hanging down the road.

Gathering the harvest // ams and preserves from nature // Mike Dumas Copper Designs


The pantry is lined with peaches, jams and dried herbs from the garden. We gather the good things the garden produces in Summer to share with family and friends through the winter.

The sage green of the harvest can be seen in the Desert Sage light sconce and other copper artwork.

gathering eggs // fresh food from the garden // homegrown goodness // Mike Dumas Copper Designs

Gathering Eggs

Fresh eggs are gathered every morning. Sometimes just one or two as the days get shorter, but enough for the two of us to be grateful. The neutrals and browns of these beauties shows up in the fused glass Blanket Platter.

Gathering for contentment:

We gather to mourn losses and celebrate blessings. This season is all about gathering family and friends. We come together at the table to feast and catch up on the years blessings, to share and make memories.

Copper and glass are uniquely sustainable materials. Using them in a lighting project or piece of wall decor is a great choice. When you use our designs, you create a warm and relaxed atmosphere with a distinct appearance that says “welcome”. You remind yourself each time you come through the door, you care about the beauty that surrounds you. You invite others to gather with you and share in the warmth.

Do you need to warm up an entryway or create a focal point in a room you know will be your gathering place? If you’d like ideas and tips for using copper in your home, be sure to Join our Mailing List here. We send free tips and exclusive offers to our subscribers.

Wishing you Blessed Gatherings this season,

Mike & julie

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