Copper’s Calm Reflection

Copper art // furnishings inspired by nature by Mike Dumas Copper Designs

Cactus Cabinet in its Natural Habitat.

Copper’s Calm

Life can be rough. We live in a world that is spinning fast, we don’t have control over the wheel. We do have control over our reactions to the chaos though. We can choose to make our homes a place where we find calm + focus. A place where we invite family + friends to gather, to slow down. We shared some of our ideas on gathering here.

The art and furnishings we choose for our homes can make a personal statement. The materials we select can give rise to reflection. Mike and I love to enjoy the beauty of nature. We choose materials that remain close to their unrefined state, like copper + glass. They are symbols of our love for simplicity. We choose pieces that are handcrafted by family or friends so that we remember our values. We remember the hands that have formed the work.


Copper Light Sconce with Amber Fused Glass

Copper Sconce with Amber Glass

Lighting an entryway or accent wall with a copper light sconce will draw visitors into your space, opening up conversation, making time for hospitality. Your personal values will be reflected in the warmth of the copper, the changing light on the glass, the soft glow of the mica. We shared a variety of styles for your personal choice here.

Craftsman style // copper lighting with stained glass + mica by Mike Dumas Copper Designs.

Craftsman style Lighting

Shades of Copper- 3 piece Art

Hanging art near the table where you gather allows for a slowing down. It offers a sense of wonder to a meal shared with friends. It brings familiarity to family when they return to celebrate.

Recycled copper art // Weaving // contemporary style // rustic design by Mike Dumas Copper Designs


Creating a calming space for yourself and your guests can be comforting, challenging + inspiring. Have you had the opportunity to design an environment in your home that gives you Peace? That invites people into your heart and your home? That reminds you to breathe deep and relax?

 If you’d like help finding just the right lighting or artwork to show your love of nature, please join our mailing list here. We’ll share tips and ideas for using copper in your home.

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