Natural Design // Rustic Style // fused glass // copper accent // lighting by Mike Dumas Copper Designs

Copperandglass/ What’s in a name 1

Copperandglass. A name well chosen.

Copperandglass reflects our differences perfectly.

copperandglass // contemporary style // blended light sconce by Mike Dumas Copper Designs Inc.

Copper and Glass Light Sconce

These are two of the most opposite materials one could imagine working with. The rigidness of glass and the flexibility of copper make for unique challenges in the design process. They both stand strong on their own. Combined they strike balance and beauty in the piece.

In the same way, our own personalities are often so opposite they make us stop to pause. But in the pause there is balance and beauty in our own blend of styles. I speak of all good partnerships and work relationships. Ours is a mix of sure focus and dreamy ideals. Therefore, the name-Copperandglass.

Mike has been working with metal and wood and all things shapeable for years. He bends, hammers, sands and heats his materials into structural forms. These are the basis of our lighting and artwork. My glasswork involves careful detailed cutting, grinding and soldering to create shapes that enhance those forms.

Craftsman style // copper lighting with stained glass + mica by Mike Dumas Copper Designs.

Copper + Stained Glass + Mica lighting

Light and texture affect both materials. Because of this behavior, the work we create has a bold effect on the senses. And that is where we want our work to influence people-to make an impression. We strive to cause a reaction in your awareness when you walk through the door and see that warm glow from the light you hung in the entryway. It would be wonderful, most of all, to know you breathe deep when you relax in your easy chair and ponder the beauty of the art you see hanging on the wall.

Copper and glass are ancient materials that remain basically unchanged through the ages, but the possibilities with their organic colors, textures and uses in modern design are as fresh as the coming Spring.

Differnce Makes Us- etsy contest

Inspired by Etsy’s #DifferenceMakesUs contest, we decided to investigate this concept. Please follow the link and vote for our shop.

How will  you include these opposites in your design style? Will they remind you of your own personality differences and inspire you to appreciate them? Check out the entries in the contest and see how others have been motivated.

Uniquely grateful,

julie & Mike

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