Photo of Mike and Julie Dumas- owners of Mike Dumas Copper Designs Inc.


At Mike Dumas Copper Designs, our love of natural elements and personal caftsmanship-

inspire designs that refelect your vision of beauty and simplicity.

Mike has been a creative DIYer his whole life. In 1999, after many years in the construction field, he decided to make the change to full time furniture making. Terrifying as that was with a family to support, we jumped in with both feet. Local art shows and participation in the St. George Area Parade of Homes gave us the encouragement to keep moving forward.

Mike soon became intrigued with the properties of copper and our world changed. It’s a medium that is so expressive of his style and he has spent years mastering its characteristics and qualities. One of our customers commented. . . Mike turns metal to emotion.” He lets the copper dictate his manipulation of the metal. Mike has created many of his own tools to get just the right effect he envisions for a piece.

Copper is an ancient material (Copper Alliance.org/history-of-copper), resistant to corrosion by the elements. Most of the copper ever mined is still in use today, making copper a sustainable material. Mike recycles the copper we use into beautiful works of art. There are no scraps.

I learned the art of stained glass in 1980 and was inspired to pick it up again after many years on the back burner. I’m captivated with glass fusing and have studied with some great teachers in both areas of this medium. Glass fusing is a lot like gardening; it requires patience and tending to the process. It’s definitely not an instant gratification thing. . . and I like that.

Copper and glass are both very organic elements that are transformed in the fire. They combine very well and stand beautifully on their own. Light and texture play a big part in the effect each has on the senses. We love the work we are blessed to do, and hope you will find something you will love for years, give as a gift, or pass on to the next generation of ‘lovers of nature-inspired art.’

” Let this be your ambition: to live a quiet life, minding your own business and working with your hands.” 1Thess. 4:11.