Metal lighting with an industrial style by Mike Dumas Copper Designs.

Lighting with Style

Lighting is really a personal thing. The lighting in your home sets the mood for your space. It can reflect your personality and define your style. Lights can even echo a little of your own story. Choose lighting with style when you come shopping with us because your story wants to be told.

Handcrafted lighting

Mike’s been crafting lights with copper, metal and glass for several years. It’s always exciting to see what’s next on the table. The combinations of texture and technique he uses create a light that will speak to your personal style.

Urban Blight Wall Mounted Lighting by Mike Dumas Copper Designs

One of the latest additions to the lighting family is Urban Blight. A corrugated back-plate, goose neck fixture and Vintage style bulb make it look like this light came from a lost, forgotten building. Because we all love re-purposing found objects, but can’t always find them, Mike has created a light that looks like you searched the city streets for days, and came up with your own version of industrial magic. All you had to do was head to our shop and claim this as your own Personal Design Statement.

While you’re shopping, check out the other corrugated metal pieces we have. You will find lights, mirrors and artwork that speak the same language as Urban Blight. You may find something you would like to pair with this unique light.

Lighting with style for your story

Like a piece of fine art, Urban Blight will make that story you hold inside effortless to your guests and family.

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