Desert // Western desert // Rustic style // sage // the desert we live in at Mike Dumas Copper Designs.

Simple Miracles

Sometimes the most simple things have the greatest impact. They create miracles-simple miracles.

Stained Glass // paint with light // desert colors // image reflection // simple miracles by Julie Dumas

Red Mountain Reflection

The dictionary describes Serendipity as “the discovery of something fortunate.” That is exactly how I felt when Mike showed me his incredible find.

I made this stained glass panel several years ago. I used a collection of accumulated scraps and an agate purchased on a visit to Zion National Park. The vibrant colors remind me of our desert surroundings in an abstract way. I bordered the pieces with copper to highlight the warmth of the glass. We are after all, “copperandglass”Mike saw the piece and immediately hung it in his shop window. He’s a true desert rat and loves the bold colors and imagery.

Reflection Revealed Simple Miracles

The shop took on a spring cleaning this year. Mike decided to buy a big sink to make his work more convenient. He uses the hose outside for all of his water needs, but in winter that can be very cold. The sink replaces a section of shelving that covered the whole wall.

Mike cleard the corner and the sink was in use. Then one evening, he looked up and saw this:

stained glass // desert scene // red // copper // panel by Julie Dumas

Reflected Image revealed

The photo doesn’t do the reflection justice, but if you were able to look up close what you would see is our desert! It is our iconic Red Mountain, and the incredible desert laid out in front of it. You would see the washes and sagebrush. You’d think you were walking through our picturesque red sand desert at sunset with nothing but peace and quiet surrounding you.

I like to think this is God’s simple miracle sent to a man who ” . . . lives a simple life, minding his own business and working with his hands.

Does your work inspire simple miracles like this? There is after all, magic in the moments if we just bother to look up. Please share this post if you think someone else will look up.

Always in awe,


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