Doors // woven // Copper Barn Door by Mike Dumas Copper Designs

Copper Barn Doors/ Industrial Lighting

Copper barn doors and industrial lighting have the copper shop buzzing with versatile projects.

Copper barn doors // woven copper // Mike Dumas Copper Designs

Copper Barn Doors

It’s been a busy month in our world. This month, we shipped the Copper Barn Doors that Mike painstakingly worked on for several weeks. Strips of copper are woven in a random pattern that flows with warm reds, black and golds. These doors were amazing and will most certainly add classic beauty to their new home. I’m always awed at the engineering that goes into the making of Mike’s pieces that move, function and serve a creative purpose in their space. Copper is a unique and beautiful material. Who wouldn’t want half a wall of it in their bedroom to relax them at the end of the day?

Industrial lighting // steel // vintage reproduction bulb // copper // modern lighting by Mike Dumas Copper Designs

The Loft/ steel + copper lighting

Lighting orders are going out weekly. These are great designs hinting of industrial and modern. Steel and copper are an unexpected combination. When they are accented with vintage fixtures, or given a subtle change in color, they really create a nice look. They highlight modern furnishings, draw out rustic features in wood and iron fixtures, and make a personal design statement.

New projects are on the horizon for Grampa . . . tiny vintage kitchens and miniature workbenches.

Tiny toes

Grampa’s Love

Most importantly we welcomed our first granddaughter to the family. She’s so precious and has us wrapped up in glorious joy. She consumes my thoughts and prayers. She has me dreaming of little bib overalls and tool belts. I’m imagining a project for Mike that will include a tiny kitchen that converts to a workbench. I’m also envisioning miniature chicken coops and fairy gardens. Nothing like grand-kids to help us dream again.

Everyone loves a project! Do you have new ideas for old things, or old ideas for some new things in your plans? We hope you always keep dreaming because that’s what keeps life fresh. We need to keep passing dreams on to the next generation.

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