Guido’s Voice


This little dog has been a part of our family for many years. Our youngest son chose him from a long lineup at the dog pound one day. He was a shivering, skinny little flea-bitten hound who blossomed the day we brought him home. He was instantly grateful; and that is the first lesson he taught us.
From Guido we’ve learned joy, patience, loyalty, contentment, and diligence.

Lesson on Vigilance:

the vigil

A few years ago our son had a very bad accident and broke his leg. Guido didn’t have to keep the vigil; there were other places to be. He wasn’t asked to keep the vigil; he made the choice on his own. Love is knowing where it’s more important to be when you are needed most.



Guido learned a lesson in compromise this past two weeks, and it was a hard one for him but, in the long run, I think we all came out more appreciative of each other for having gone through it. He picked a fight with Niko, a temporary visitor, and met a 110 pound foe, losing a tuft of hair on top of his head; all over the right to be grumpy. Guido taught us to “choose our battles carefully“. He is definitely the King of this castle, and he is a good King.

 Ready for Work:

Border Collie Stare

The black and white brigade is getting ready for their days work, walk, ride, anything that they can do together. Guido is keenly attentive to Mike putting on his shoes. This means something is happening outside!! And he is not about to miss the chance to participate. He starts with the stare, then wags his tail while he gives a low growl, then he jumps on Mike’s arms with his front paws to get his message across. This always elicits a good face rub, and the pair is off to work.

The Face Rub

 Just Chillin’ :

Just Chillin

This is the evening routine and Guido just loves it. He pretty much owns the living room floor, and he definitely loves to share it. We’re all watching a Jazz game, but Guido is watching us.

 Too Hot for Man nor Beast :

Too Hot

Too Hot to Care

Even the dog doesn’t like the “Dog Days of Summer”. Guido is boycotting his lunch because it is just too damned hot. He is encouraging us in our effort to get out of Dodge and find cooler surroundings. At least that is what I am taking from his inactivity and sad face this summer. I’m with you Guido, this place is going to the dogs.

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Guido at Rest

We said goodbye to our precious Guido on Christmas day. It was painful and heartbreaking, and we will miss him forever. He taught our whole family life’s most lasting lessons with grace and character. He was more than a pet, he was a cherished part of our lives. Always the King and always the servant, he was one of a kind.

Till we see you again Guido . . .  We will remember you.