Winter Warm Up

Lighting for Warmth

Winter needs a warm up. Evening light fades fast and mornings are muted. Bring in some soft light to a corner or accent a table full of your favorite things. Lighting for warmth is a plus to the senses.

You set out your collections to enjoy. Copper lights warm a vintage spot, and our steel lights have so much softness to their finish.

Add them to your entryway. Change out one simple porch light. Soften the glow of your garage lights and eliminate the upward glare; ‘save the night sky‘.

steel light / linear / patinaed steel sconce / Mike Dumas Copper Designs
Linear Steel Patinaed Light Sconce

You like your early mornings because you cherish the day. A wall sconce sets a hidden spot aglow. A pendant light acts as a focal point to a kitchen narrative.

Copper Pendant Lights

Handmade in our studio, here on our little acre, our lights add a personal touch to Your own style.

Mike Dumas Copper Designs / shop / winter warm up.
Winter Needs a Warm up

Winter Warm Up for Outdoors

Lighting warms up the outside of a winter space as well. This beautiful chandelier would look stunning over a kitchen island. Mike made it to light up an outdoor kitchen but it would look perfect in a dining room or game room bar.

Your winter deserves a glow from copper or steel. Find the perfect fit for your space at Mike Dumas Copper Designs. Find us also on Etsy.

In the chill of the mountains, or mild warmth of the desert, winter means less light. Warm up winter with lighting. Make Your personal design statement.

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