Mike & Julie Dumas

Mike & Julie Dumas

In the beginning there was copper. And many beautiful and practical items were made from copper. And man used his ever growing knowledge of the use of copper to make life good. And the years passed. . . .

Mike Dumas is a copper artist and metalsmith. I married Mike, because I saw that he cared about working with his hands and I cherished that piece of his character. He’s been a creative artist as long as I’ve known him; building furniture for our home and family, toys for the kids and practical tools to make his work easier. In the late 1980’s he built our house from the ground up to accommodate our growing family of 5 boys.

After years of working in the construction field, Mike decided he wanted to make the move to being a furniture maker full time. It was terrifying but we jumped in with both feet. He made some beautiful pieces of furniture that I really hated to see go out the door. We did some local art shows and participated in the St. George Area Parade of Homes, and his work was well received.

Mike soon became intrigued with the properties of copper and our world changed. It is a medium that is so expressive of his style and he truly works magic with it.

I learned the art of stained glass in 1980 and Mike inspired me to pick it up again after many years in storage. I am captivated with glass fusing as well and have studied with some great teachers in both areas of this medium. We have been combining our talents and experimenting with ideas together for several years and I’m sure we will never be able to complete all the things we would like to, but we are really enjoying the challenge.

We’ve been fortunate to watch our business grow and we’ve weathered some pretty bumpy storms. One of my favorite anchors is:

 “Let this be your ambition: to live a quiet life, minding your own business and working with your hands.” 1 Thessalonians 4:11