Steel lights // rustic // industrial style by Mike Dumas Copper Designs.

Steel Lights- Rustic

Rustic Steel Lights are capturing great reviews. Have you thought about adding some to your home or workspace?

Steel Lights // Rustic Patinaed Steel  // Industrial Style Light Sconce // Wall Sconce by Mike Dumas Copper Designs

Rustic Steel Lights

We’ve been excited with the response to our Steel Lights Collection. They go so well with today’s eclectic styles. The rustic patina gives them an aged look that adds definition to an industrial setting, and their simple form and finish goes really well with vintage and repurposed decor. You will have so many options with these rustic steel lights. The sconces come in three different sizes- Small square, Medium rectangle and Large rectangle, so you can mix and match them to express your own personal style.

Corrugated steel // galvanized // rustic // industrial style light sconce by Mike Dumas Copper Designs.

Corrugated Steel Light (Vertical)

The Corrugated Steel is a perfect partner for these lights and really accents a Farmhouse Style with punch. These lights would be a teriffic accent for the corrugated ceiling, backsplash or wall finishes that are catching eyes in home decor. The corrugation runs either vertical or horizontal.

Rustic steel light // corrugated // galvanized steel // rustic industrial style // wall sconce by Mike Dumas Copper Designs.

Corrugated Steel Light (Horizontal)

We wrote more about the corrugated steel lights and others here.

All of our steel lights can be purchased here on our website.

Keep watching for more collections to come. We’re searching thrift stores and attics for pieces that will provide you with the means to declare your personal design statement. You can sign up for our email list here and be the first to see the collections as they arrive.

Do you have a particular space that you’re thinking of updating with lighting? Do you need some inspiration to make your design choice? Let us know in the comments below and we’ll be happy to share some of our ideas with you.


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