Border Collie love // canine companions // working dogs at Mike Dumas Copper Designs.

2016 Begins . . .

2016 Begins with Hope-

2016 begins with planning for steady growth. We’re not big on New Year’s resolutions, but choose to focus on looking back at the year before, acknowledging gratitude for the time we’ve had. We slowly make plans to build on our blessings in the year ahead.

Studio // stained glass art // window in studio by Mike Dumas Copper Designs.

2016 begins with a Stained Glass Window

2016 begins with mixed emotions and this window has been a welcome project in the glass studio. It’s a beautiful front door with blown glass rondels purchased from the Kokomo Glass Company. They are being incorporated into a design that will greet guests and family at the home of some very gracious clients who love this desert and handmade art.

2016 begins // Blown glass // rondels // blue + green glass by Kokomo Glass Co.

Hand Blown Glass by Kokomo Glass


Copper lighting // steel lights // metal lighting // contemporary light sconce by Mike Dumas Copper Designs

Contemporary Copper & Steel-Half Round Light Sconce

2016 begins with a new light design in the copper studio. A combination of copper and steel make an interesting contrast with the Contemporary-Half Round sconce. You can purchase it HERE. This is a variation of two other copper and steel light sconces in our Contemporary Collection. We like the idea of mixing up shapes and textures in your lighting to create a Personal Design Statement. It gives the eye a sense of wonder.

2016 beings wih changes. We’re missing our buddy Guido and it’s hard to get going again. We’re not the only ones missing him either.

2016 begins with Border Collie love // canine companions // working dogs at Mike Dumas Copper Designs.

Girlie at the Guard

Copper has lost a little spring in her step, but she’s trying hard to help us keep our chins up. She never really wanted to be the one in charge. What a sweetie.

Sometimes life just knocks the wind out of us, and it’s important to hold on to the ones who will help us breathe . . . deep. May your 2016 be secure in deep breaths, new beginnings and projects that make your personal design statement!

PS What kind of projects have you set your sights on for 2016? Please share them with our readers in the comments below. We all like to be inspired.

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