Vintage tools // wrenches // antiques // collections by Mike Dumas Copper Designs.

Vintage Tools

Vintage tools // woodworking // art by Mike Dumas Copper Designs

Vintage Tools as Art

Is your style industrial or rustic? Do you collect pieces of history? You’ll appreciate the beauty of these vintage tools in a simple setting as art.

Vintage tools // Alumo planes // tool collection // woodworking art by Mike Dumas Copper Designs

Alumo 1A + 2B

The pair of rabbet planes, from the Alumo company, are mounted in a rustic setting, on Knotty Alder which Mike gave a subtle wax finish. Their character is preserved for display or hanging. Just imagine the windows they must have perfected. Try to visualize the patience the carpenter’s hands worked with as raw timbers were shaved to precision.

Collecting Vintage Tools

Vintage tools // wrenches // antiques // collections by Mike Dumas Copper Designs.

Vintage Tools

These wrenches were used in the early 1900’s. You can see the craftsmanship in their uncomplicated parts. And they are in prime condition still. There’s no plastic here. They are solid steel and weighty tools. The pipes they turned were as solid as they are.

Vintage tools // wooden handles // Mike Dumas Copper Designs

Sturdy Handles

Some have wooden handles and you can see the grooves worn by strong hands and years of use. I picture them being an extension of the wrench with a great deal of purpose in the hands of their owner. They’ll be cradled in shadow boxes, or mounted on rustic wood. Mike’s eye is pondering the detail of each one, and he’ll create something worthy of display.

Worthy of Display

Vintage tool // collection // Mike Dumas Copper Designs

Vintage Tool Collection

This small wrench in perfect condition is part of Mike’s personal collection. He also owns an old wooden handled hand drill that we kept on display for many years in our kitchen. When the remodel is complete, we’ll find a place to show both proudly.

Mike’s tool box holds many old tools that were handed down to him by his father and Grandfather. Just knowing their hands touched the pieces, and thinking of the work they created is part of the romance of old tools.

Do you love the mystery of vintage tools? Are you looking for pieces to add to your own collection? You can start HERE to enjoy collecting. Get bitten by the bug.

Treasuring the past,

julie & Mike


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