Corrugated copper // door panels // metal art // Mike Dumas Copper Designs

Corrugated Copper Door

Can you picture yourself enjoying a sunset, sitting in a comfy rocking chair and looking out over the cedar and sage of the High Desert? That’s the setting for this courtyard entryway. We just added copper panels to the door. The result is a stunning and beautiful inspiration of nature.

Corrugated copper door // panels // rustic style by Mike Dumas Copper Designs

Corrugated Copper Door Panels

Corrugated copper echoes the sunset’s reds and golds, perfect for this west facing courtyard. This entryway is fresh, inviting and so very classy with its newly finished front door with copper panels.

Corrugated copper // hand trimming // door panels by Mike Dumas Copper Designs

Hand Honing Copper Panel

Mike hand corrugated the panels in his copper shop, then carefully fit each one to the door in place. He puts so much care into his work, and it shows. The door is pure copper art in the very cozy courtyard where sunshine and shade mix for a relaxing atmosphere. (I really enjoyed the owner’s front porch rocking chair as I watched Mike work!)

Copper Door Says Welcome.

As I’ve said before, copper in an entryway says welcome guests, welcome home, come rest awhile and ponder the warmth. Most of all it makes a personal design statement.

Corrugated copper // door panels // metal art // Mike Dumas Copper Designs

Corrugated Copper Door Panel

And the warmth of these colors will stop you in your tracks. The beauty of Nature’s colors just doesn’t get old.

Copper door panels // corrugated metal art by Mike Dumas Copper Designs.

Corrugated Copper Entry Door

Copper Accents for a Personal Design Statement.

Corrugating the metal makes an art form simply soothing + purely magical, like the happy dancing family on the light sconces Mike made for these owners many years ago. See them near the top? They are true to the family’s personality. THAT is making a Personal Design Statement in a very creative way. As a result, their home is a welcoming and inviting place to gather and relax, beginning with this beautiful copper door.

How have you put your stamp on your home? Is it color you’ve used, or do you focus on a certain material? Please share in the comments below-We’d like to hear your ideas.

Loving corrugated . . . and copper.

julie and Mike

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