Outdoor Kitchen // Copper Chandelier // Mike Dumas Copper Designs

Copper Chandelier-Bold Expression

Elemental Lighting

Outdoor Kitchen // Copper Chandelier // Mike Dumas Copper Designs

Copper Chandelier

A copper chandelier makes a personal design statement. Warming up the winter chill, or lighting a summer patio, the textured copper of this light boldly expresses nature at her best. Steel accents give the light a powerful presence.

Mike designed the pendants of this light with his signature “Leather Textured Copper”. He finished the steel bars with an angle cut and filled them with copper, therefore creating a unique emphasis.

This piece challenged Mike. It demanded new skills and innovation. That combination is good for the creative muscles.

Copper Chandelier with Steel Accents

Copper Chandelier for Outdoor Kitchen

Mike made the chandelier for a client’s outdoor kitchen. The light emanated from copper gives a warm glow. The crisp black of the steel contrasts the reds and golds of the warm copper. I can picture the celebrations to be held under this 4 piece beauty.

Each piece is hand textured. Each piece is carefully fitted together. The look is stunning and classic. Simple lines give the light an open feeling while the look of leather brings the fixture back to its earthy focus.

Outdoor lighting is so much more than jelly jars and barn lights today. Copper expresses an earthiness because of its elemental connection. Experienced hands create a statement piece that will give pleasure for years to come.

Have you noticed how new designs are highlighting ancient elements? Do you enjoy the contrast of rigid steel against malleable copper? We share our design discoveries and projects using these age old materials in our newsletter. We offer tips for caring for the pieces and ideas for using them in styles ranging from contemporary to traditional. Sign up HERE and join us in celebrating nature through innovative lighting and sustainable art- created with artisan craftsmanship.

Celebrating nature’s inspiration,


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