Three Piece Art

Three piece art involves balancing the shape, tone and textures of copper to create a feeling of stability. The rule of thirds implies strength, tension and energy. Hanging one of Mike’s 3 Piece collections invites balance and attention to your space.

Rustic style // copper // three piece // wall art by Mike Dumas Copper Designs

Three Piece Copper Art

This collection includes hammered, woven and corrugated copper pieces. The textures and patinas make each one bold enough to stand on its own. Hung together the artwork makes a cohesive design.

The copper for each section was re-purposed from a previous artwork of Mike’s. The hammered piece came from a built in dining table  made years ago. The corrugated was salvaged from the boneyard and the weaving was worked with a group similar to those you can find in our shop. Click HERE.

Three Piece Metal Art for Conversation

Combining the colors and textures of copper and steel is a perfect way to relate your sense of harmony.  Because copper is a living organism, it continues to subtly change and develop character- deepening in tone over time. The reds become richer, the golds more pronounced and the shades of green intensify. These qualities give copper its significant appeal and lend to several different design styles from Rustic to Contemporary. Since copper is rich in warm tones, it draws the viewer into a soothing and relaxing mood. Who doesn’t need more relaxing?

Copper+Steel // metal art // negative space copper design by Mike Dumas Copper Designs.

Negative on Steel + Corrugated #1

Steel adds contrast to that warmth, sometimes as a dark patina, a shiny finish, or the timeless appeal of rust. Steel signifies strength and endurance.

The wall art that Mike creates is unique because he lets the material itself guide the process. Many of the pieces have been changed by the elements and Mike simply shapes them for display using his skills with the medium. These are the pieces that encourage a slowing down and really looking into the art, like these pieces created for a hospital board room.

Copper Art for The Ambiance Group

Copper Art Commissioned

Three Piece Art for Variety

Metal art appeals to the senses. A three piece wall hanging allows you to vary the arrangement, so your imagination is your guide to a personal design statement.

Do you have a space in your home that needs a personal touch? Do you like the combination of copper and steel or prefer one element with its own variations?

We find great ideas in our boneyard.

julie & Mike


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